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Open Class Race on July 16 (Limited Edition)

1) 4 stroke- good for beginners 2) Super 4 stroke- suits for already with some experience on go-kart or heavy guys (such as 80kg+) 3) 125cc R- only for those with experience on 100cc Enroll

Open Race Indoor Kart- HK (FULL)

Join us on July 1 with only HKD800 for briefing sessions, gear rental, 3 sessions ride & trophies!!  Register here

Open Race Indoor Kart-FULL

Hello, 大家好,今日我想介紹一個超好玩的活動 【小型賽車】!如果你鐘意刺激同埋速度感,呢個活動絕對你唔可以錯過!係室內小型賽車場地,你可以盡情係曲折賽道上飛馳,感受到速度及風的刺激。而且呢到ge賽車設備非常安全,即使你係第一次駕車,都可以放心體驗, 俾你同埋你朋友開心盡情咁玩! Come & Join us!

Cadet & Youth Summer Course (C1) FULL

We are hosting a beginner course (C1) & we’d love for your kid to join in on the fun! As a parent, you can help your child register and encourage them to show off their driving skills and competitive spirit in a safe and controlled environment. We’re pretty sure this experience will give your kid a boost in confidence, and who knows, they might just surprise themselves to master a… Read More »Cadet & Youth Summer Course (C1) FULL

Open Race Indoor Kart (FULL)

未玩過? 得一個人參加? 無問題!室內賽就係想新手係一個唔會受天氣影響, 而車手又唔會太多情況下試玩下~~ 2023年係時間試下新嘢, 感受下咩嘢叫【小型賽車】 當你見到呢個post, 即係緣份到咗, 撳下面 Whatsapp  搵我地報名啦! 6月17日 星期六見~~

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