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Open Class Race on July 16 (Limited Edition)

1) 4 stroke- good for beginners 2) Super 4 stroke- suits for already with some experience on go-kart or heavy guys (such as 80kg+) 3) 125cc R- only for those with experience on 100cc Enroll

Cadet & Youth Summer Course (C1: July 2) – FULL

Why go karting? Enroll your kids in go-karting and watch them thrive! Give your children the opportunity to develop valuable skills like focus, discipline, and strategic thinking while experiencing the thrill of speed and competition. Go-karting promotes confidence, enhances coordination, and fosters a sense of camaraderie among young racers. With a safe and controlled environment, professional guidance, and exciting track experiences, go-karting is the perfect sport to ignite your child’s… Read More »Cadet & Youth Summer Course (C1: July 2) – FULL

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